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      Chateau des Charmes

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      A visit to Chateau des Charmes is an exploration of winegrowing of the past, present and future. Driven by passion and vision, Paul Bosc Sr. and his family planted the country's first 100% vinifera vineyard in 1978 and Chateau des Charmes was born. At the time, this estate winery was quite unique and has helped shape the Canadian winemaking industry into what it is today. 

      In the belief that fine wine is grown and not made, Chateau des Charmes has for decades been committed to employing and advancing sustainable viticultural practices. The four vineyard sites, totalling 270 acres in two distinct sub-appellations, have been carefully tended to produce the high quality grapes necessary to make world-class wines. 

      The Bosc family produces their award-winning 100% VQA wines in a facility that is the jewel of Niagara Wine Country. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Niagara Escarpment on the St. David's Bench Vineyard, the stately Chateau holds old world charm, but is actually home to state-of-the-art winery operations and an inviting visitor centre with a magnificent courtyard overlooking the vineyard and rose garden. 

      With devotion to excellence and innovation, and a regard for tradition, Paul Sr. has built upon five generations of winegrowing experience that will serve his winery for many years to come. For the Bosc family, making wine is not what they do, it is who they are. 

      Hours of Operation: Daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
      Tour Hours: Daily at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in English and 12 noon in French, reservations not required. 

      Location: 1025 York Road 
      Phone: 905-262-4219 
      Web: www.chateaudescharmes.com 
      Email: info@chateaudescharmes.com

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